#3. Relislim s6

Relislim S6 gave us a similar experience to Duromine. The product again focuses on aggressively suppressing your appetite. While some people may enjoy having no appetite at all, it can come at the cost of feeling sluggish and loss of sleep.



When starting using Relislim I noticed a lot of similarities to Duromine. My appetite vanished and I noticed a slight increase of energy straight after taking the tablet, followed by a "crash" a few hours later. I'm sure this is because of the caffeine.

The prouct worked really well. I shedded around 3kgs in a month. I tried Relislim just a few months after Duromine so I might have lost a bit more weight if I tried Relislim first.

Based on online research, 3kgs to 5kgs per month seems fairly typical when using the product.

*Individual results may vary (we understand you’re an adult and already know this, but legally we have to say it)

So if it's so similar to Duromine, why did we drop Relislim to #3 on our list?


Relislim S6 uses a strong active ingredient which is labeled as schedule 6 here in South Africa. The ingredient could potentially cause several side effects even when it is taken. Side-effect can include; irregular heartbeat, chest pain and severe headache, which may be signs of heart attack or stroke.

Just keep in mind that every individual is different. Some people might experience these side effects while others won’t.

Money Back Guarantee

Relislim is classified as a schedule 6 product which means you can only buy it over the counter after seeing your doctor. Your Dr charges you per visit, (around R1000,) so there is no way of getting your money back for the consultation.

Company Reputation

The company has been running for decades in South Africa. I couldn't find out if the product is actually locally manufactured, however the product is manufactured in a GMP certified facility and all certifications are in place. They have no online presence and no customer support. You can only get the product by getting it from your Dr.


  • Extremely effective at helping you lose weight.
  • The company is trustworthy and has been around for many years in South Africa.
  • You can get your Dr's advise before using the product.


  • The side-effects can be severe.
  • You will need a see your doctor before getting it.
  • A lot of fakes sold on unverified websites in South Africa. BEWARE!  

Bottom Line  

Relislim works extremely well as a weight-loss product. If you use it, you will more than likely lose a lot of weight. However, I prefer products like CheetaThin that doesn't make me tired and sluggish. Overall, I would recommend Relislim with caution. If you're prone to side-effects then it would be wise to stay away.